The Tula Tea Room

Short Films by Nana Tchitchoua

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  • Astronomical Diaries part 1

  • Samovar

    A reorientation of old world tea sipping culture, Samovar is a deliriously destabilizing experience full of humor, adventure and wonder, filmed in the Tula Tea Room of the Museum of Jurassic Technology.


  • Impressions from Rustaveli

    Inspired by an 800 year old manuscript written by Shota Rusthaveli, a Georgian monk who dedicated his epic poem to the female King Tamara. This manuscript is central to Georgian culture. The film portrays the heroes and heroines whose radiant loveliness is represented in terms of bright celestial light. Shot in a frontal style without any camera movements, the poem is filmed at the point where static painting and cinematographic representation meet, and is fragmented in the attempt to condense it while maintaining its essential qualities.

  • Movement Cloisonne

    A study of a master enamellist, juxtaposed against the micro-world of watch mechanisms, interrupted by bursts of child dancers.

  • Super 8 Diaries

    A film journal kept over the course of two years, assembled in a fast paced collage with attention to tempo.

  • In the Blink of an Eye

    A moving family saga is revealed through photographs. Following the lines of genealogy, images drift from pastoral scenes to tragedy and back.

  • My Father's Land

    A solitary woman wanders through the streets of Tbilisi. Trancelike, she finds herself appearing within a film documenting the life of the city.

  • Encounter

    Filmed concurrently with My Fathers Land, Encounter is an inversion of that film's theme. A young man prepares to leave his homeland illegally. Before departing, he visits a 4th century church and then makes one last, dubious transaction.