A 5th Ecology

curated by Scrap Marshall & Berenika Boberska

October 2017

WUHO, Hollywood, Ca

'A 5th Ecology invites over 25 architects, artists and designers to explore ways in which Reyner Banham's reading of Los Angeles can inform our inquiry of the city today.
In 1971, the noted British architectural historian Reyner Banham wrote his seminal book on the city—Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies. In 1972, Banham returned to Los Angeles with a BBC documentary crew to film a homage to the city with which he was so enthralled. Using Baede-Kar—a fictitious audio tour guide—Banham drove across Los Angeles meeting artists, filmmakers, and diner waitresses, enthusiastically extolling the qualities of the sprawling metropolis. In so doing, Banham, the auto-flanuer, part historian and part provocateur, created a new form of critic and an alternative model for studying the city. 'A 5th Ecology' examines the under-exposed history of the sprawling metropolis and how to use it as a lens through which to view the contemporary city.'

Book Art _ Astronomical Diaries, 1st Issue, Summer/Fall_2015

'In Astronomical Diaries the key is to access to my inner child which infuses the pages where there is constant opposition between free and strict and my attempt to balance it. I am interested in colliding images, like a writer who brings two words together and if the two words are right together then you have the magic. I chronicle my imagination of fantasy and reality, past and present, autobiography and universality into a mix where there is really no beginning, no middle, no end. This is my serenade.'

full book 1st issue - 200pages
Available now, please contact via email for ordering info
Read the forward by Peter Culley
Astronomical Diaries vol. 1
Astronomical Diaries vol. 2
Present Absentee

In the Media


Tea is an Artform

New Walled cities and Hinterlands Press Release

Tormeti Magazine Interview (Georgian Language)

Impressions from Rustaveli Film Screening in London 2015
More on the screening

Last Night's Dreams - Exhibition Press Release

Festinova G-15 Press Release

Fest i Nova G-15 at Garikula 2015 video coverage on 1tv.ge

Fest i Nova G-15 at Garikula 2015 video coverage on Imedi.ge

Fest i Nova G-15 at Garikula 2015 photos on Liberali.ge

Festinova 2014 Press Release

Press Release:

Fest i Nova 2013 – Invisible Streams The Zdanevich Brothers's International Festival of Contemporary Art

SEPTEMBER 8, 2013, 2-10PM
Art-Villa Garikula
Nana Tchitchoua
The American Pavilion consists of a group of multi-disciplinary artists branched out of The Museum of Jurassic Technology, LA, California, also known as The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Information. Presenting works by SFDUI, Tristan Duke, Travis Wade Ivy, Nana Tchitchoua, Lever Rukhin, Laureline Koenig and Marcus Beuter.
As Fest i Nova enters it's fifth decade, we are embarking on a program that reflect on variety of approaches that artists are taking in their practices today and their interest in collaborating across disciplines. On view will be hybrid objects, drawings, photography, storytelling, sound art and film. Representing diversity of conceptual and aesthetic viewpoints; some are investigating such timely issues as sustainable design or our relationship and attitude towards machines and technology, while still others who are exploring the fusion of poetic visions and sound, illuminating forgotten or little known knowledge and believes or fantasies of space exploration.'
You are invited to join us on Sunday, September 8, 2013 to Art Villa Gaikula for a daytime art exhibitions starting at 2pm, venturing into evening fusion of sound, performance and film/image presentations.
Our thanks and appreciation to Art Villa Garikula, FestiNova staff and to our sponsors:
The Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia and U.S. Embassy Tbilisi

Previous Shows

Group Show
Animatron Studio & Art Gallery

A Point of View of a Cat

As the cat climbed over the top of
the jamcloset first the right forefoot
carefully then the hind stepped down into the pit of the empty flowerpot
-- William Carlos Williams, Poem (As the cat)

A cat reflects our emotions like a mirror; the subtlety of a cat's movement can describe time and space in thousands of ways. A Point of View of a Cat introduces the cat as a narrative form, as well as a vehicle for exploration of material and space. This two-fold exhibit delivers the representational and the abstract as two independent vocabularies, which operate on their own terms, yet sometimes intersect each other in the actions of a cat. As hu- mans, we may never know the exact cat experience. Therefore, the exhibit focuses on cat behavior as it is visible to us, and specifically on how cats animate, fragment, and abstract everyday objects. Works included in the show can be divided into two categories: cat scenes and cat artifacts. The first is narrative, representational, animated and seductive. The second is abstract and material-driven; it vaguely refers to household environment and objects we would like to engage with if we were indoor cats (food, fabric, wood, concrete, plastic, etc). The show was inspired by the philoso- phy of Richard Rorty, which advocates that simultaneous use of multiple vocabularies results in a richer experience of the world.

Æ & Nanuka Tchitchoua: Moving Images and Song
at the Velaslavasay Panorama

Saturday, June 17, 2010 panoramaonview.org


Gregg Fleishman and Nana Tchitchoua

Opening reception: Sunday, June 14, 2009

6 pm - 9 pm

Gregg Fleishman Studio

3850 Main St
Culver City, CA, 90232
t. 310.202.6108

Gregg Fleishman and Nana Tchitchoua present new works in the exhibition Seeing-Being-Dwelling, a mixed-media exploration of the world around us, the world within us and our situation with regard to them both.

Gregg Fleishman continues to create new concepts in his signature call for green architecture - devising novel, puzzle like structures and constructing sacred spaces. He will be presenting an ingenious new set of forms, useable as insulating elements and economical emergency shelters, and new versions of his modular Shelter Systems with an elegant aesthetic sensibility.

Nana Tchitchoua's new drawings and paintings are vibrant with life, luminous kaleidoscopes romantically intertwining humans and wildlife. Her work offers us a visual embrace on the way to an inner world, an up close and personal experience with birds and animals. Textural stencil works made from scraps comprise the graphic environments - a magical coexistence of elements.

As a continuing theme of the previous collaborative exhibitions such as ěThe Kindergarten for All Agesî, the new works presented in Seeing-Being-Dwelling seek to navigate cultural divisions and fixed boundaries in order to discover ways of simpler and better living. This exhibition is dedicated to all the glimmers of awareness, possible solutions, and constructive approaches.


Ongoing Exhibition at Gregg Fleishman Studio

3850 Main Street Culver City CA 90232
More Info...

Previous Shows and Screenings

The Kindergarten for all Ages
Other 'Zones' II: The Garden and The Cube

Opening Reception and Gregg Fleishmans Birthday
Wednesday, July 4, 2007, 7:00pm
Gregg Fleishman | Nana Tchitchoua | Rachel Portenstein


Other "Zones"

March 31 - May 1, 2007
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 31, 7pm

Gregg Fleishman Studio with Nana Tchitchoua

3850 Main Street Culver City CA 90232

Gregg Fleishman Studio is pleased to present Other "Zones", an exhibition considering the intersection of architecture, art and education. Featuring a collaboration with Nana Tchitchoua and a sampling of children's art, the exhibition is both a social/architectural experiment and an analogy with games advocating new modes of survival, living experimentally to transform social relations by manipulating space and time. Other "Zones" is centered around interactive architecture and puzzle-paintings which invite public participation and reflection on the problems of time, distance, history, and the future in a call for radical reconstruction.

Proceeds from this exhibit will benefit Dadabiti Avant-Ura! (The Laboratory of Innovative and Conceptual Forms or the Kindergarten for all Ages) an organization formed by Nana which will facilitate the transportation of a full sized Shelter Structure to the Almond Gardens in Tbilissi, Georgia, where it will have a life as The Muse Fortress.

Kindergarten 2 Labyrinth Painting Labyrinth2

TOMORROWLAND: CalArts in Moving Pictures

Impressions from Rustaveli:
An interpretation of a romantic poem by an eleventh-century Georgian monk.

The Museum of Modern Art, NYC
May 25 - August 13 2006
39 Provocative Programs, Over 200 Filmmakers

This exhibition celebrates more than three decades of intimate, inventive, and technically sophisticated student filmmaking and videomaking, and features a breathtaking range of nonfiction, narrative, animation, and experimental styles and genres. Particular focus is given to the famed animation program, where students have used everything from cutting-edge computer and optical printing technologies--many of which they developed themselves--to homespun materials like chewing-gum wrappers, nail polish remover, and lint. TOMORROWLAND is the most comprehensive exhibition that MoMA has devoted to an American Film School.

Organized by Joshua Siegel, Assistant Curator, Department of Film and Media, The Museum of Modern Art.

Dual Recollections

December 4 - January 8, 2005

Opening reception: Saturday, December 4, 6 - 9 p.m

Gallery Two, 3850 Main Street, Culver City, Ca, 90232